Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So...who are you people?

We are die Rosa Armee Fraktion, a revolutionary modern rock band from Stockholm! We are the chosen prophets who have descended to our popo world to spread the pink revolution as ordered by our gods. Slowly but surely the time has come for us to make the message known to the world so we can all join together and create that perfect pink paradise!

As time progresses we shall reveal more of the masterplan.

Your favorite prophets:

Andreas, also known as Quiet Spice, likes being in the background and doing production work and song writing. His favorite things are bitches and money. He has a son with Annie named Roald, better known as one of the pink messiahs. He enjoys getting drunk and has a hamster called Celine Dion.

Josefine, also known as Slutty Spice, is the body of the band. She just radiates sex and loves sharing it with whoever comes along. She is like Venus. She is also a kick ass dancer and has a pink parrot called Elvis. She enjoys smoking the peace pipe, hanging out at temples and icecream. Currently she is awaiting the birth of yet another messiah, which will be her first.

Annie, also known as Nutty Spice, is the evil genius planning world domination in the name of the pink revolution. She has a son with Andreas (see Roald) and is knocked up again. Annie loves barely legal substances and strange looking mushrooms. She has a hamster called Barry Manilow; three cats called Sem the evil and magnificent, Otto and Marmaduke; a tapir called Nietzsche and a pig called Sartre.

Roald is known as the first born messiah of the pink revolution. Though currently still in kindergarten, his awesomeness is already showing. He dislikes stupid kids and loves playing with fireworks. He wants to be a special agent when he grows up.

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Fredrika Matsson said...

don't we all love barely legal substances, bitches, money and pink parrots named Elvis?

keep up the insanely brilliant work. ;]